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The key to piglet breeding lies in the conversion of feed nutrition by adding calcium formate


The quality of pig breeding is mainly determined by the energy and protein of the feed. The key to the quality of the feed depends on the growth rate and feed reward of the pig. Feed conversion and rewards are inseparable from the aid of additives. In particular, adding appropriate feed additives such as Calcium Formate at the piglet stage is more beneficial to growth performance.

Calcium formate is an organic calcium salt, which is more conducive to piglet absorption. Adding feed-grade calcium formate to the feed is beneficial to the healthy growth of piglets, promotes the appetite of piglets and reduces the rate of diarrhea, making the bones strong. The high copper, high zinc, and high iron in the feed can be excreted with the feces if they can't be digested, and the feed-grade calcium formate is strictly controlled by heavy metal indicators.

Moreover, calcium formate has a low water content, and feed-grade calcium formate is mixed, and the additive-containing premix will not cause the loss of vitamins. After entering the piglet's stomach, the free Formic ACID is separated under the action of hydrochloric acid to maintain proper gastrointestinal The positive effect of acidity can effectively reduce diarrhea in piglets.

Calcium formate is widely used. It is suitable for use as acidifier, mildew inhibitor and antibacterial agent in various animal feeds. It can be used as feed acidifier instead of citric acid and fumaric acid. It can reduce and adjust the pH value of gastrointestinal tract and promote Digestion and absorption of nutrients, and has the functions of disease prevention and health care, especially for piglets. As a feed additive, calcium formate is especially suitable for weaned piglets. It can affect the proliferation of intestinal microorganisms, activate pepsinogen, improve the energy utilization of natural metabolites, improve feed conversion rate, prevent diarrhea and diarrhea, and improve the survival rate of piglets. And the rate of daily weight gain.

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